5 Ways to Beat Media Overwhelm

When news' cycles are stressful or intense, you may feel tempted to check the news or social media platforms every few seconds for more information. You may even feel addicted to the emotional rush that comes from panic-inducing headlines. As you spend more time in front of a screen during isolation and social distancing, here… Continue reading 5 Ways to Beat Media Overwhelm

6 simple ways to reduce stress in your digital life

1. Avoid competitive and comparative spaces in your leisure time Social media is built on social comparison: lifestyle, looks, number of followers, number of likes, professional accomplishments. You may always feel the desire to compete. We can often forget that features such as likes and followers are artificial and deliberate design choices to get us… Continue reading 6 simple ways to reduce stress in your digital life

How to resist millennial burnout in a 24/7 culture

Whether it's side hustle culture, a high pressure job that makes it difficult for you to boundaries or the pressure to perform for other people on social media, you may feel you're at risk of burnout. It doesn't help that burnout as a lifestyle is romanticised by entrepreneurial Instagram memes, co-working spaces and the obsession… Continue reading How to resist millennial burnout in a 24/7 culture